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Timing the Market For Your St. Louis Home Purchase

Thinking about buying a home but not sure whether it's the right time?

Trying to time the St. Louis Real Estate housing market is about as risky as trying to time the stock market. So if your aim by holding off is to try to get the best deal by buying just as prices have hit their low that may be unrealistic.

Even assuming you can figure out the ideal time to buy-that is, when prices have hit a trough but are on the verge of rebounding-by the time you find the house you want, line up the financing and close the deal, the "best" time may have already passed.

Just remember one key thing ... the St. Louis Real Estate market is really a collection of many local markets, and the prospects can vary considerably from one locale to the next, depending on such factors as how hot the market got, the local employment picture and the volume of inventory and potential foreclosures. The kind of buying opportunity for buying a home at a good price does not come around very often in the housing market. So now may be your best shot! Do your research and make the most of it?

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