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As first-time homebuyers, we really appreciated Alexis and Mark's approach. At every step of the process, they pointed out important things to look for both in the online listings and touring a home in-person. We never felt pressured and they both really took the time to understand our wants and needs. They were always available to chat and they also weren't afraid to tell us when it made sense to walk away from a house. We found the perfect home for us and will recommend Alexis and Mark to all our friends!

- Eliana Haig and Alex Stefaniak

Mark and Alexis are amazing! We are first-time home buyers and they were with us every step of the way and were always there when we had questions. They were able to save us thousands of dollars and were able to negotiate in many items into our new home from the seller. Not only that but they are the sweetest people and are so friendly to work with. Mark and Alexis were the buyer's agents that my parents had when we originally moved to St. Louis 20 years ago and when it was my turn, we knew exactly who to call. I cannot recommend them enough!

- Bailey and Thomas

Dear Alexis and Mark,

As our family settles into our new home, we are reminded of your diligent efforts and advocacy throughout the whole process.

Your service to our family exceeded our expectations. We knew we wanted to find a buyers’ agent for this important investment, but we consider ourselves blessed to have worked with you.

Your knowledge and passion were evident whether it was educating us about different parts of the process, or having a conversation about real estate, communities, schools, and property values. It was amazing to learn so much along the way. Purchasing a home is a huge commitment and it’s very personal. To say it’s important to have confidence in your agents would be a gross understatement. Both of you were easy to talk to, and always willing to listen and answer our questions. You never hesitated to accommodate special needs.

In a world that seems to be losing much of its humanity, and heart, it was truly a gift to have your guidance throughout this special time in our lives.  

 We want you to know how much we appreciate not just your expertise, but your genuine kindness and thoughtfulness.

 Wishing you all the best!


 Matt and Emily Malabey

- Matthew and Emily Malabey

Toni Schneider shares her home buying experience and how the internet could not provide her with all the information she needed. She states that she was able to sleep better knowing she had her own agents working exclusively for her!

- Toni Schneider

"Mark and his team has assisted me or my family 3 times purchasing property. I will not go anywhere else. They only represent buyers, so they completely look out for your best interest of a buyer. They made recommendations that has saved us thousands of dollars on our last purchase. Thanks for all you do, keep up the good work Mark."  Rick McMichael

- Rick McMichael

First-Time Home Buyer Discover How an Exclusive Buyer Agent Can Make the Difference in Finding the Right Home at the Right Price!

- Robyn and Tim Holmes

"As a first time home buyer, I was very skeptical of the economic model of agents that could work for both the buyer and the seller. After finding Mark and Alexis as buyer only agents, we had a great first meeting where they were both informative as well as professional. They not only provided me all of the analytical tools that I needed to make an informed decision on purchasing a home, but they also had rich experience of finding details about the home and location that would increase or decrease the value of a potential purchase that I would have never noticed. Finally, and most importantly, my interest was ALWAYS at the top of mind for them, and they never pushed me into a decision. I would work with them again and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone else."Seth Gammon via Linked In

- Seth Gammon

Abbi just recently closed on her new home.Here are a few comments from her about her experience as a single, first time home buyer.

- Abbi Helmkamp

"Alexis and Mark have helped us with the purchase of our last 2 homes. Their professional, friendly approach makes you comfortable and confident that they are indeed your advocate in the home-buying process. They listen to your needs and bring an objective, unbiased and independent perspective that is refreshing. Their patience and stamina is commendable - after looking at dozens of houses and not being "wowed" by any of them, Alexis would look at us with a big smile and say "Don't worry, your home is out there. We'll find it." They are excellent communicators and utilize technology as a way to streamline the process. Always upbeat, Alexis and Mark work hard to find your perfect home and show you how they save you money."  Mark and Kathy Hugeback

- Mark Hugeback

Rachael Alsup, a registered pharmacist, knows how important it is to have the right subscription. That's why she chose an Exclusive Buyer Agent to help her in finding and buying her first home.  Congratulations Rachael!

- Rachael Alsup

May 16th: We just closed on our new home this week. Thank you Finding Homes for You for all of your help!

- David and Sydney Kaufman

Happy Couple Saves $40,000 on New Construction!

- New Construction Buyers Matt and Michele Monson

*Our new number: 636-532-4200
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- Josh Simpson

“Mark and Alexis are the best! They have superior knowledge, experience and negotiating skills. Since they serve buyers exclusively, I knew I could trust them to work for my best interests. As we toured homes, they were a rich source of information and watched like hawks for potential problems with each property. I have been disappointed with other agents in the past, but my experience with Finding Homes for You was so refreshing! Every step of the way I received outstanding service. With their help my family saved THOUSANDS on our home purchase.” July 20, 2010  Beth Enciso

- Beth Enciso

- Clay and Whitney Williamson

“Mark and Alexis were wonderful in helping us find the right home for us. Being a first time home buyer, Mark and Alexis assisted us in learning all about homes, what to look for, and what to expect in a home in our price range. Knowledgeable, trustworthy, and very responsive, Mark and Alexis held our hand through the whole home buying process. I can't recommend them enough!!” - Chris Altop

- Chris Alltop

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