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What The Media Is Saying About Exclusive Buyer Agents

HUD-Shopping for Your Home Loan Booklet

HUD recently released its latest version of “Shopping for Your Home Loan – HUD’s Settlement Cost Booklet.”  On page 6, it discusses the role of a real estate broker or agent and now includes a bolded reference to exclusive buyer’s agents.  It says,

“It is your responsibility to search for an agent who will represent your interests in the real estate transaction. If you want someone to represent only your interests, consider hiring an “exclusive buyer’s agent”, who will be working for you.”

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Jean Chatzky, from Money Magazine interviewed on the Today Show

U.S News & World Report

The best buyer agents are no longer a secret.  The word is out about Exclusive Buyer Agents (EBA's) the only agents dedicated to only serving you, the real estate buyer.  Traditionally, real estate transactions favored the seller.  In the mid-1990's, it became the buyers' turn to level the playing field.  Savvy buyers wanted the benefits of real estate representatives who were working for their interests esclusively.

USA Today

"Most agents for the seller, and their object is to sell the house for the highest possible price."


"Exclusive agencies remove any conflict of interest."

Kiplinger's Changing Times

"A buyer broker (is) legally obligated to represent your interests
in any negotiations with sellers. The Consumer Federation of America and AARP recommended using buyer's agents."

Smart Money Magazine
There is a reason that over 90% of home buyers work with agents: to gain access to the maximum number of homes available through the Multiple Listing Services (MLS).  Agents are your guides through the real estate process but not all agents are equal in their value to you.
You will never have to worry about a potential conflict of interess when working with one of our agents at Finding Homes for You.  Since we do not list any properties our loyalty is to you, the buyer.

HUD Settlement-Booklet-January-6-REVISED

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