Revolutionizing Real Estate with OneHome from Corelogic

The real estate industry has come a long way, but finding comprehensive information about a property still remains a challenge. That's where One Home from Corelogic comes in. This innovative solution revolutionizes the way real estate professionals and their clients access and use property information. Buyers, Sellers, and Real Estate agents can get a complete picture of a property in one place, rather than having to search multiple sources.

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How to Activate Your OneHome Account

The video below shows why you might want to activate your OneHome account with all of its features:

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What is the PropertyFit Score?

After answering a few simple questions, OneHome can understand what your life style preferences are and will use that information to match you with your dream home. Each listing will actually have a score attached to the home.  See the video below:


We are just getting started with this project!  There will me more updates coming in the near future to make your search even more informative! If you are at work and cannot play these videos we've summarized everything here for you: Benefits of Activating OneHome

In order to tap into all of this wealth of information you will have to be on the MARIS MLS Portal. If you're not on the MLS Portal yet, just fill out the form below and we will get you set up!  If you have questions please call 636-532-4200.

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