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Mark Richert

It was great to meet all of you last week!   Sorry that I was not able to finish my presentation ... there's just too much ground to cover in a limited time period.  Rumor has it that I might be coming back to share some more tech goodies with you soon!

In the meantime, we wanted to leave you a summary and links to the materials we covered in our first session:

  1. PhoneClean: If you have an iPhone you will be shocked by how many junk files are clogging up your hard drive. Check the link below for a video presentation of PhoneClean and do some spring cleaning on your phone today and recover some disk space!
    Post by Finding Homes for You.   The company's website is http://www.imobie.com/phoneclean/

  2. Trunx: Is a new application for Android and iPhone that will let you store and unlimited amount of photos for free until April 30th. Check here for the details and clear up some space on your mobile device!

  3. HomeSnap: This is the app that lets you simply take a picture of a property with your phone and it then delivers the information to you about that property within seconds.
    Just click the link to get started
    If you would like to read a recent blogpost about the app click here
  4. Our mobile application will give you much more details including all of the available photos.  All of the MLS on your mobile device
  5. Could Starbucks help you find your next investment property?  Find out more about LifeStyle Searching and a demonstration of how Starbucks could help you?  In fact we will show you where all homes for sale near Starbucks are located!

Make sure and visit our blog for more breaking stories like ... Where are the safest places to live in Missouri ... and where's the most dangerous city?

That's all for now!  Hope to talk to you all in the near future.  In the meantime you can email me at mark@findinghomesforyou.com or call us at 636-532-4200.

For those of you who know someone that is considering buying a home please share this link.  Doorsteps is an online home buying interactive guide that can get any one up to speed with what they need to know about buying!


Doorsteps - Make Homebuying Human from Doorsteps on Vimeo.

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