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St. Louis Lifestyle Property Search

Finding Homes for You is excited to be one of the first Real Estate companies in St. Louis to introduce LifeStyle Searching.  Looking for a home within a quarter mile of a high school, a half mile of a coffee shop, and 2 miles from a grocery store?  This application can find it for you.  Would you like to live closer to your work or your church?  Our LifeStye Home Searcher can find it for you!

When you move you are moving your whole life. How far will you be from the things that are important to you and the way you live?  With our LifeStyle Home Searcher everything that's important to you correlates together and from there you can dive into the homes that have the number of bedrooms you need within your price range.

Tips on Using Your St. Louis Lifestyle Property Search

When you first start the program you will see a drop down offering you a "Getting Started" video.  It's brief and will quickly demonstrate how you can use this revolutionary new tool.  If you need assistance along the way just referr  to the Help icon on the left hand side of the panel.  There you will find a video on just about every aspect of using the application.

We have been having a lot of fun testing out the program the last couple of months and hope you enjoy it too!  If you would like to see any of the homes on the map just give us a call at 636-532-4200. You can also email us