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Know the game before you play!

Every house has a Seller and a potential Buyer.

The Seller wants to get as much money he can get ... out of the house.

The Buyer wants to put as little money as he can ... into the house.



How do they both accomplish this?


If you are the Seller: You hire a Listing/Sellers agent to represent the home in the best possible light

and get the most dollars for you.


If you are the Buyer: You use your own Buyer's agent to represent you and your
interest in acquiring the home at the best possible price.


Know the Differences Between Real Estate Agents Before You Call One!


Jean Chatzky is an editor with Money Magazine, a New York Times Best-Selling Author and frequent guest on the Today Show.

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Bottom Line


The Seller and their agent ... have a selling strategy.


If you're the Buyer ... you need your agent ... with a buying strategy!





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The Section Below is for Buyers Only


Remember these key points when starting your home search


bullet Do not call the listing agent whose name is on a for sale sign.
They work for the Seller!
bullet If you attend an open house ... let the listing agent know you are
already working with a buyer's agent.
bullet If you are asked to sign a registry, be sure to add "represented by
(your agent's name)" next to your name.
bullet Call us at (636)386-0659 if there is a house that you would like to see,
or just get more information about. We can set up your appointment.
bullet Remember: When looking at homes, the least amount of information you
give to the Seller, or their agent ... the better!

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Who Represents Whom

Did you know...

The agent showing you a home typically works
for the Seller?


Who is representing
the Buyer?


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